Aquarius Calendar

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The Water Bearer

January 19 – February 17

Aquarius is the friendliest sign, and also the most freedom loving. Aquarians have a million and one friends from all walks of life, but will end any friendship that is too confining. Being in a relationship with Aquarius means sharing them with the world.

Aquarius loves a good adventure and a fun time, but is serious about helping the less fortunate. Their symbol is the Water Bearer because they carry the problems of the world on their shoulders. Aquarius will boldly go where others dare not tread in order to make the world a better place. They are the humanitarian voice for the less fortunate and a champion for the underdog.

The Water Bearer has an insatiable curiosity about people, but those under their radar should not be flattered. Once Aquarius learns all there is to know about a person, they are on to the next fascinating subject. They also have the ability to predict future trends, so they are often discounted or misunderstood. It’s not unusual for Aquarius to be light years ahead of the latest fad or invention.

The Water Bearer’s ruler is Uranus, an unpredictable and quirky planet. Sometimes Aquarius can take others off guard by changing directions in their life at the last minute. It’s not that Aquarius is unstable – they just have the ability to switch gears when a better plan comes along. They are also rebellious and will revolt against any job or relationship that makes them feel hemmed in.

Life with Aquarius can be a challenge, since they are unpredictable and flighty. But the Water Bearer is also intelligent, caring and brave, and those who love them will never be bored.

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