Aries Calendar

The Ram

March 20 – April 19

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and often the first in the crowd to take action. Think of a ball of fire, and you have Aries – passionate, energetic, and larger than life.

Symbolized by the Ram who bounds up to the highest mountain top. Aries is a take charge, warrior sign. They never take ‘No’ for an answer, which is why they make incredible leaders.

When Rams are in love, they can consume the object of their affections with their all-or-nothing personality. But once they lose interest, they quickly move on, burning their bridges behind them. The trick for anyone involved with an Aries is to keep them engaged, without making them feel suffocated. They love passionately and totally, but they can also be blunt and unforgiving.

The Ram is fun loving, charismatic, and forceful, the kind that gets things done. They need freedom and personal space, but they often don’t give these same considerations to others. A relationship with a Ram can be exhausting, but its one you never forget.

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