Cancer Calendar

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The Crab

June 21 – July 21

Cancer is the crankiest sign of the Zodiac, but it’s because they take everything to heart. They appear hard and stubborn to others, but underneath their shell they’re a sensitive softy. While they often are critical and judgmental, it is usually done from a loving position. They want only the best for those they care about, even if they go about it in a fault-finding way.

Cancer’s symbol is the Crab, which reflects their overprotective, crabby and determined personality. On one hand, they are a shy, withdrawn a stick-in-the-mud; on the other, they are focused, ambitious and precise. Cancer is hard working and needs financial security in order to sleep at night. When they want something, they go after it with a vengeance, sometimes stepping on others to grab the prize.

Cancer rules the home, which is where their heart is, and they fiercely guard their privacy. In romance, they wear their feelings on their sleeve, but can also be demanding and possessive. Their family is their number one concern, and they will do whatever it takes to provide for loved ones. But as a parent, they can be fussy and smothering, so the Crab needs to learn to give family members personal space.

Cancer’s ruler, the Moon, makes them moody because it changes signs every two-and-a-half days. But it also makes them sympathetic, sensitive and caring, as well as critical, temperamental and touchy. Being with a Cancer isn’t easy, but it will be safe, loving and financially stable. And since Cancers have a great sense of humor, life with a Crab can be a laugh a minute.

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