Cancer Calendar

The Crab

June 20 – July 21

Cancer is the forth sign of the Zodiac, and prefers to avoid the maddening crowd. They can be crabby and judgmental, but also sensitive, loyal, and loving.

Cancer’s symbol is the Crab, so they retreat into their shell whenever the world gets too demanding or overwhelming. Their planet is the Moon, which changes signs every two and a half days, so most Cancers are moody and emotional.

The Crab is loyal to a fault, staying in bad relationships longer then they should. They will also do anything for their family, and when they fall in love, they give their all. But they are also complainers and whiners, and have excellent memories for every slight that’s hurrled their way.

Cancer rules the home, so many Crabs become interior designers, builders, or carpenters. They also love history, so many become historians, history teachers, and museum curators. The Crab can be stubborn to a fault, vindictive, and unforgiving. But they are also tried and true, dependable, and will be there even if it’s grudgingly.

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