Gemini Calendar

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The Twins

May 20 – June 20

Gemini knows how to charm all who cross their path. After all, they have the gift of gab and understand the art of persuasion. They also have good taste in art, architecture and clothes, preferring airy spaces, high quality materials, and smooth flowing lines. But they can pinch a penny when they need to, and can spend with the best of them when they’re flush.

Gemini’s symbol is the Twins because they have dual personalities — charismatic one minute, moody the next. They also see both sides of an argument which can make them appear wishy-washy. As an air sign, they can seem cold and aloof, but they’re really just observing from a distance. They like to keep everyone guessing while putting those around them under a microscope.

When it comes to romance, Gemini enjoys the hunt much more than the capture, so they need a lover who can remain intriguing and alluring. They require a lot of personal space, but in return they can be needy and obsessed. An affair with a Gemini is a balancing act between giving them their freedom while being at their beck and call.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This makes them the great communicator of the Zodiac, the one to call when you need someone who is convincing. Mercury can also make them nervous, if they don’t have an outlet for their boundless energy. They also have trouble finishing what they start because their many ideas can make them scattered. The Twins require constant reassurance and attention, but they are also intellectually stimulating and energetic, with a great sense of humor and personality to match.

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