Leo Calendar

The Lion

July 22 – August 21

Leo is the fifth sign in the Zodiac, and commands attention wherever they go. Most are outgoing and charismatic, with larger than life personalities.

Leo’s symbol is the Lion, the King of the Jungle, and their planet is the Sun. They demand to be the center of the universe but are fiercely loyal and will have your back. They are chronically late but they will be there – and when they finally arrive, its with fanfare.

The lion makes friends wherever they go, and those friendships usually last a lifetime. In romance, they are demanding and possessive but they also need to be possessed. Leo likes to pamper and be pampered, and that is how they measure someone’s love. Forget being independent when you’re with the Lion. A lover who needs space isn’t really in love.

Leos seek the spotlight, so many wind up as actors, singers, and performers. Working in the background isn’t their style, so they need a job that has them on the forefront. The Lion can be smothering, overbearing, and jealous, but they are also passionate, loyal, and affectionate.

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