Leo Calendar

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The Lion

July 22 – August 21

Leo the Lion is the leader of the Zodiac, with a take charge attitude and a huge personality to match. When Leo is around, things get done – but without getting their own hands dirty.

Leo is the sign with a heart, and they will go to the ends of the Earth to make family and friends happy. But the Lion can also be jealous and possessive, and they demand the same in return. They see being fussed over as evidence that they are cherished and loved.

Leo rules romance and family, two areas that are the center of their world. They want to be wined and dined and romanced, and they are protective of the ones that they love. The Lion can be loyal to a fault, but they expect the same dedication in return.

Leo also loves to live the life of luxury, while stretching their dollars in the process. They demand only the best but have an amazing ability to find the best prices on their indulgences. They also are generous to a fault and want their family and friends to share in the good life. They have to guard against those who will take advantage of their bigheartedness and learn to be more discriminating in their choices.

Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun, so they expect to be the center of their universe. They are charismatic and when they walk into a room, that’s when the party starts! But Leo also has a temper and their roar can be frightening to behold. For those on their good side, Leo is a friend for life. But those who cross them will experience the Lion’s wrath.

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