Libra Calendar

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The Scales

September 22 – October 22

Libra is the equalizer of the Zodiac because it governs fairness and balance. Its symbol is the Scales which represents justice and equality. But Libra also embodies peace and harmony.

Libra is the sign of beauty, so most Scales have attractive looking homes and a dynamite wardrobe. They love to entertain and command center stage, and their parties are legendary. But they can be overindulgent, due to their love of good food and fine wine. They need to guard against overdoing both since Libra rules the buttocks and the kidneys.

Many Librans work as lawyers, interior decorators and accountants, but any field that requires balance, fairness or an artistic eye can attract Libra. The Scales are also champions of the underdog, fighting for those who have no voice, like animals and children, so many work as social workers or animal shelter employees.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the universal planet of love. Most Scales aren’t happy unless they’re part of a couple, and they need romance like other people need air. They like their independence, but can be clingy and possessive when insecure, and must guard against sacrificing all for love and losing themselves in the process. The perfect partner for Libra is someone who romances them and makes them the center of attention, while also giving them their personal space.

Libra can be possessive, smothering, insulting and sarcastic, and when wronged they often carry a lifelong grudge. But the Scales are also honest, loving, romantic and entertaining, and they will go out on a limb and risk all for family and friends.

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