Virgo Calendar

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The Virgin

August 22 – September 21

Virgo is a practical sign, with a no-nonsense approach to living. They appear to be meek and mild, but they are a quiet force to be reckoned with. Their strength comes from within, and those who think they are a pushover will quickly learn that they can’t be manipulated.

Virgo can be overly critical, but only because they want the best for those they love. They want family and friends to reach their full potentials and will nag them until they do. But Virgo is equally hard on themselves and can be insecure about their own shortcomings. They may appear as a judgmental perfectionist, but it comes from a place of love.

Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, because Virgo’s intentions and motivations are pure. They dream of a world where people are treated fairly and where everyone gets along. They often put the needs of others ahead of their own desires. They need to learn to say no to those who take advantage of their giving nature. Otherwise, they run the risk of exhaustion.

Although Virgo is shy and sensitive, their ruler, Mercury, makes them great communicators. They don’t wear their hearts on their sleeve, but they are deep feeling and romantic. It is important for them to surround themselves with people who enjoy exchanging ideas. They also need to find activities that allow them to release their nervous energy, such as a book club, church functions, exercise class, or yoga.

Life with the Virgin isn’t easy. They can be worry warts, negative and demanding. They also offer constructive criticism even when it isn’t welcomed. But Virgo is hardworking, dependable, loyal and sensitive. Life with the Virgin is one that can be romantic, secure and stable.

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